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2010 FCAPPS Sixman Football Rules



 With a few specific exceptions, we follow National Federation High School 6 man Football Rules.

New Rules and/or changes are in Red

Game Security

It is recommended that schools hire security for all of their home games.

We understand that with some schools this may not be financially possible. At all times school personnel should serve as additional security.

Security Video

The home team will record all home games.The purpose of this video is to:

Provide a neutral and unbiased documentation of the game.

Record any infractions or negative behavior before, during, and after the game.

Be used as supporting evidence in a game protest.

Instructions to Videographer:

Record the game using a wide view or angle.

Use a wide view, but zoom in close enough to capture or identify individuals involved in the play.

Video the action around the play, not just the person with the ball.

Try to capture any problems or incidents involving players, coaches, fans, or spectators.

Span the crowd from time to time to capture those watching the game. This could be useful later for identification purposes.

Focus on anyone who appears to be causing or about to cause a problem.

Video Storage:1. Label each video with the date and teams.

2. The original security videos should be kept for a period of two years, and should be safely stored in the office of the A/D or a school administrator.

3. The original security videos may not be released without permission of FCSA.

Rule 1: Noisemakers

Noisemaker that mimics the sound of an officials whistle or air horns, are prohibited

Rule 2: Neutrality

It is the responsibility of the host school to ensure that an atmosphere of neutrality is maintained in all FCAPPS contest and/or games. The Announcer must remain unbias and courteous to all.

Rule 3A: Conduct - Anti social behavior

Unsportsmanlike conduct by the coach or other school personnel as follows:

• Use of profanity or gutter language by a coach – $150.00 fine to the school.

• Continuing to give instruction to players or other members of the coaching staff after having been

disqualified from a contest – $150.00 fine to the school.

• Pursuit of officials following a contest – $150.00 fine to the school.

• Refusal to leave the playing field or team area following disqualification – $200.00 fine to the school.

• Physical contact with a Game or League official – Expulsion from the league, $500.00 fine to the school and violator will be arrested

Coach fighting - Expulsion from the league, $300.00 fine to the school.

Coach use of profanity, obscene language, behavior or gestures - $50.00 fine to the school.

Player (s) fighting - Two week suspension for first violation, $100.00 fine to school - Per player.

Unjustifiable Removal of a team from an athletic contest prior to its normal conclusion – $250.00 fine to the school

No team will be penalized for fans or players celebrating at the end of the play after the game clock expire. This applies even if there was a penalty during that play.

Player, Any other team member

Any player, team manager, water boy or other team member who uses Profanity or any other Vulgar languages or Gestures will be suspended for one game, in addition, team will be accessed a 15 yard penalty - $50.00 fine to the school.

Two personal fouls or two unsportsmanlike fouls will result in an automatic ejection

Throwing a helmet will be an automatic one game suspension, in addition, team will be accessed a 15 yard penalty - $50.00 fine to the school.

Rule 3B: Communication with game officials

Only the head coach may address the game officials concerning enforcement of penalties, or other officiating decisions. Any player may request game officials to observe the behavior of another player. Players may also request information concerning number of downs or time-outs, time on the clock, etc. Arguing or yelling at game officials by any players, coach, other team member and/or school staff will not be tolerated. Team will receive a 15 yard unsportsmanlike penalty, per violation, and school may be fined if this negative conduct continues.

Rule 3C: Behavior of Chain Crew Members

At no time may a chain crew member argue or yell insults at a game official, opposing player/coaches or fans. Chain crew members are not allowed to give or recommend plays or game stragity to a coach or player. Violation will be treated as an unsportsmanlike penalty and violator may be removed from crew.

Rule 3D: Behavior of Fans and Spectators

Fans are encouraged to cheer and have fun; however, good sportsmanship will be required of all who attends our games. Fans will not be allowed to Taunt, Argue or make fun of players, coaches, Refs or any other persons. The use of Profanity and other Anti-Social behaviors or Gestures will not be tolerated. Fans are not allowed to bring into the complex: Food, Drinks, Alcohol, Drugs, Tobacco products, weapons or Animals of any kind. Fans may not smoke inside the game complex

Violators of this policy should first be warned. If conduct continues, they should be asked to leave the complex area immediately.

Rule 4: Team Forfeiting a Game

Any team forfeiting an entire game without out giving advance notice (in a timely manner) will be fined:

A. $210.00 to be paid to the Game Officials

B. $150.00 (for gas) to the visiting school – providing they were en route or had arrive to the scheduled game site

If a team forfeits two games without good reason, that team may be dismissed from league play.

Any school that forfeits two or more games will not be eligible to compete in the playoffs or any other post season events or activities

Rule 5: Intentional forfeiting a game to affect the standing

Any team/school found guilty will be fined $500.00 and will not be eligible for any post season games.

Rule 6: Teams arriving late

1. Any team that arrives to a game 15 mins late, but less than 30 mins will:

a. Lose their first half time outs

b. Lose their right to a coin toss and will kickoff the first half

c. Receive a 15 yard penalty

2. Any team that arrives to a game 30 mins or later will:

a. Lose their first and second half time outs.

b. Lose their right to a coin toss and will kickoff the first and second half.

c. Receive a 15 yard penaltyd. Pay a $50.00 fine.

Rule 7: Public Criticism of Officials.

No coach or other school employee may publicly criticize or berate an official prior to, during or following a contest. Professional ethics require that coaches and other school employees use proper channels to report their complaints about officials rather than airing them publicly.

A minimum fine of $100.00 shall be assessed a school whose coach or other employees are in violation of this provision.

Rule 8: Team Equipment and Uniform

Uniform pads must be made of good quality and must meet NFHS requirements. All protective padding must be worn

Mirrored face shields are not allowed

Mouth pieces must be worn during all downs.

Game jersey and pants must be all the same in color and appearance.

Jersey must have contrasting numbers

Any football that is the same size and weight as NFHS ball may be used.

Home team will wear dark jerseys

Each team must assign at least one ball person to assist the referees in getting the balls on and off the field.

Rule 9: The Playing Field

A. The six-man playing field is 80 yards by 40 yards. When possible, the goal posts

should be 25 feet apart and the crossbar is 9 feet above the ground.

When possible, hash marks should be 45 feet from the sidelines, 4 inches wide and 1 foot long.

Hash marks if used should be spaced 5 yards apart, but no more than 10 yards apart.

B. 11 man Game Field: When using a field that is paint or marked for eleven-man field,

the sideline markers will be moved inward to mark the size and boundaries for 6 man


C. Player substitution area: When no hash marks are used, players on offense should come onto the

field at least 12 yards from the ball before moving out to the sidelines

D. Players box: When possible, should be painted onto the field

1. Will extend from the 25 to the 25 yard line

2. Will be 3 yards from the side line.

3. No more than two coaches may be between the player box and the side lines.

4. Only persons with a field pass will be allow on the game field area or player box.

E. Designated fan area:

1. A line or rope should run parallel to the game field - 15 yards from the side lines if possible.

2. It such extend from the 20 yard line to other 20 yard line on both sides of the field.

Rule 10: The Game Clock

The Game Officials are in charge of all games, 30 mins prior to the contest and 30 mins after a contest

The Official game time is kept on the field by the Refs, not the scoreboard.

4 quarters – Each quarter is 10 minutes long

2 minutes between each quarter

15 minutes halve time

Rule 11: Overtime

1. Immediately after the conclusion of the fourth quarter, officials will instruct both teams to retire to

their respective team areas. The officials will assemble at the 40-yard line and review the tiebreaker


a. There will be one coin toss to start the overtime period. Coin toss will be conducted at center field.

b. Winner of coin toss will have the choice to start the game on offense or on defense.

c. If an additional overtime is needed the team that started on offense first will be on defense to start

the second overtime period. (This rotation will continue for each additional overtime period if


2. Timeouts - Each team shall be allowed one timeout for each extra period.

a. Timeouts not used during the regulation periods may not be carried over into the extra period(s).

b. Unused extra-period timeouts may not be carried over to other extra periods.

c. Timeouts between periods shall be charged to the succeeding period.

3. To start overtime, the ball will be put in play first and goal on B's 15-yard line. Offense will have four

downs to score. The team on defense will be given a chance to run their offense with a chance to


4. After two overtimes, the ball will be placed on the 10 yard line. If after the third overtime, the game is

still tied, it with end as a tie for both teams, with the following Exceptions:

a. Game will determine a playoff berth

b. Game being played is a playoff or championship game.

Rule 12: Game Stoppage

1. In case of an Emergency or other Hazards:

a. A period or periods may be shortened or the game may be terminated by mutual agreement of the

opposing coaches and the referee.

b. Point differential:

If a team is ahead by 25 points or more in the second half of a game, and the game is

stopped for an emergency or any other reason, this game will not be rescheduled.

Rule 13: Scoring

Touch down - 6 points

Field goals - 4 points

A safety is worth 2 points. 

Point after touch down is worth:

1. Fields with or without Goal Post

A. 1 point if successful by pass or run from the (3) three yard line.

B. 2 points if successful through place or drop kick

C. 2 point if successful by pass or run from the (10) yard line.

2. P.A.T. Points – ClarificationIf a foul or violation is committed by the defense during a two point conversion attempt, from

the 10 yard Line, the following rule will apply:

Offense may accept the penalty and replay the down from the new spot.

If the try is successful, offense will be awarded 2 points.

The defensive key is:

Don’t jump or be drawn off side.

Make no dump penalties during the attempt.

The defense may not score on a try. During a try after touchdown the ball becomes dead

when Team B gains possession or it is obvious that a kick is unsuccessful.

Rule 14: Point Spread Rule

When a team is 30 or more points ahead at the end of the first half or if a team gains a 30

point lead during the second half, the game is continued with a running clock.

The running clock will continue even if the deficit score becomes less than 30 points.

The losing Coach and/or School Administrator my end the game at their discretion.

RULE 15: Kickoffs

A. Unless relocated by penalty, the kicking team's restraining line on a kickoff is the 30 yard line. The

receiving teams restraining line is 40 yardline. The ball must travel 10 yards on a kickoff or be

touched by the receiving team before members of the kicking team are eligible to touch

A ball kicked into the end zone can not be returned. Offense will get the ball on the 15 yard line.

B. Free kick after a safety - The ball is kicked from the 15 yard line. The ball must travel 10 yards on a

kickoff (or place kick/punt after a safety) or be touched by the receiving team before members of the

kicking team are eligible to touch it.

C. A free kick out of bound between the goal lines untouched inbounds by a player of Team B is a foul.

Team B may elect to:

1. They possession of the ball where it went out of bounds.

2. Have a re-kick, with a five yards Penalty from the previous spot or

3. They may put the ball in play 20 yards beyond Team A's restraining line at the inbounds spot, which would be the 30 yard line.

RULE 16: Number of Players

Game is played with six offensive and six defensive players

At least three Offensive players shall be on their line of scrimmage at the snap.

A team must have at least 6 players to start a game.

After the start of the game, if a team having only 5 players, due to injuries, ejection or other reason, may continued to play at the discretion of the Head Coach and/or School Administrator.

No game will be played with four or less players

RULE 17: Player Pass Eligibility

A. All players are eligible to catch a forward pass, except that a pass is ruled incomplete when caught by

the passer.

B. If a forward pass is thrown to the snapper, it must travel at least one yard in flight.

C. After the ready and before the snap, each player of A must momentarily be within 9 yards of the

spot of the snap.

RULE 18: Ball Advancement

A. First downs - Offense must advance 15 yards instead of 10 yards in four downs. Unless the ball is

kicked or forward passed, it may not be advanced beyond the neutral zone until after an exchange

has been made between the receiver of the snap and another player. (Loss of Down and a 5 yard

penalty)B. An exchange is completed when possession of the football is gained by a receiver of the snap, given

up voluntarily or involuntarily by the receiver of the snap, and possession is regained by another

player of Team A.

C. If a Team A player catches or recovers the muffed snap behind the neutral zone, he may legally

advance it only after a legal exchange.

D. The ball may be handed in any direction to any player during a scrimmage down behind the Neutral


E. A center may receive a direct handoff from the Q.B if he steps 1 yards behind the line of

scrimmage. The center can not receive a handoff through his legs are behind his back.

D. The ball is dead when a passer catches his own pass (untouched by Team B), and it is ruled as an

incomplete forward pass. Note: A Player is down if he has one or both knees on the ground when he catches a pass.

F. A holder on a P.A.T. or field goal attempt can not run the ball from a direct snap to him; however, he may stand up and scramble around and may also pass the ball.

Rule 19: Handoffs

A. The ball may be handed in any direction to any player during a scrimmage down behind the neutral

zone. A linesman may receive a forward hand-off at any time and is not required to be 2 yards

behind his line of scrimmage and does not have to face his goal prior to receiving the hand-off.

B. EXCEPTION: The ball may not be handed forward to the snapper through his legs. This is a 5 yard


Rule 20: Blocking

A. At no time may a player be blocked below the waist.

B. During a long snap, the center can not be blocked head-on while his head is down. This does not prevent or prohibits a team from brushing him as they fire through a gap next to him.

Rule 21: Illegal Tackling

A. A Defender may not interlock his legs to a runner’s leg to assist him in throwing him to the ground.

B. Horse Collaring: Defender may not grab the collar of the runner’s shoulder pad or jersey from the

rear, Even monetarily or temporarily (even if Accidentally) while attempting to make a tackle.

Violation: personal foul - 15 yard penalty - No exceptions

Penalty applies even if the offense occurs out of bounds or after the whistle.

C. Helmet Contact:

It is illegal for a player’s Helmet and or Facemask to be the first thing to come into direct contact

with another player’s body.D. The following violations will not be tolerated:

Cheap shoots, Spearing or Flagrant late hits Violation: 15 yard penalty and a loss of down, an

immediate ejection from that game, plus one additional game suspension.

E. Full Body Slam:

No player will intentionally pick up another player onto his shoulder are past the

height of his shoulders and then slam that player to the ground from that distant.

Rule 22: Outside Rush

On a field goal or a P.A.T. kick, the defense may rush from the outside

Rule: 23: Penalty on a score Enforcements Rule

If an offensive team scores a point, and during that play, the defensive teams commits a file, the offensive team may take the play and have the penalty enforced:

On the extra point attempt

Or on the preceding kickoff

Rule 23: Team Hand Shake

Should take place immediately after the game at the 40 yardline. Not after the team prayer.

Players and Cheerleaders are not to shake hands

Rule 24: Home side

The visiting school will never be on the same side of the field as the home crowd, unless there is no room for them on the opposite side of the field.

Rule 25: Game Officials Arrival Time

!/2 hour prior to Game.

Rule: 26 Game Stoppage due to bad weather

No games will be played during foul weather, thunder and lighting strikes

Teams will follow the procedures outlined in the FCAPPS Manual.

Rule 27: No games will be played without the proper Officials

If for any reason, the Game Officials fail to show up for a game, that game must be rescheduled.

Games may be played with only two Officials.

Rule 28: Player’s box

Box must be at least 9 feet from the side lines. A painted line extending from the 25 to the 25 yard line must be marked off on both sides of all game fields. Only team personal are allowed inside this box. Only two coaches are allowed to be in the area between the player’s box and the sidelines.

Rule 29: Off limits – Sidelines: A rope, fence or painted line must be use to keep fans and spectators 15 yards from the outer perimeter of the playing field.