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2010 Southern District Schedule


Week 1

Week of    August 20

Island         at   Miami

Donahue    at   Canterbury

Westwood  at   Oasis

Nicaea        at   Cape Coral


Week  2

Week of    August 27

Miami         at   Westwood

Cape Coral  at   Island

Canterbury at  Nicaea

Oasis           at  Donahue


Week  3

Week of    September 3

Canterbury at  Miami

Oasis           at  Island

Nicaea         at  Westwood

Donahue     at  Cape Coral


 Week  4

Week of    September 10

Westwood  at   Donahue

Miami        at   Cape Coral

Island         at   Nicaea

Oasis          at   Canterbury


 Week  5

Week of    September 17

Miami        at   Oasis

Westwood  at   Island

Cape Coral at   Canterbury

Donahue    at   Nicaea


Week  6

Week of    September 24

Nicaea         at   Miami

Donahue     at   Island

Canterbury at   Westwood

Oasis           at   Cape Coral